Animal World and Butterfly House, Bolton

Moss Bank Park, Moss Bank Way, Bolton


01204 334050

Please note: The Butterfly house is closed until further notice.

Bolton's Animal World and Butterfly House is at Moss bank park and is positioned at the far end of the park just past the model railway, ice cream stand and playground. If you follow the central path round you will see the Animal World and Butterfly house on the right. It is a must that you go through the Butterfly House first but you can always bypass this and go straight into Animal World.

In the Butterfly house you are presented with loads of information about butterflies and moths and the cocoons and crysalist that they produce by the caterpillar. You can then walk throught an indoor habitat that is specifically maintained for and to the butterflies requirements. You will see a wide range of butterflies and moths and you can even watch the fish in the stream. As you exit the butterfly house you can also look at some tropical lizards, snails and insects.

You can now visit the Animal World.
Animal World has a selection of aninals starting from the Cavea porcellus (guinea pigs), large rabbits, goats to a selection of geese, black swans and ducks plus many more. It is always a worth while visit and the childen love it.

More information:
The history of Animal World and Butterfly House and did you know it use to be at Queens Park. I remember it well, not sure if it burnt down.
The history of Animal World and Butterfly

Please note: The Butterfly house is closed until further notice.

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