Moss Bank Park

Moss Lane, Moss Bank Way,

BL1 6NQ,_Bolton

Moss bank park is not the biggest park in Lancashire but has a lot to do there. First of all it is easily accessable via the A58 onto one of 2 car parks, either the first one you come to from the A58 which is normally full on a busy day or the one at the back which means following the road.
Here you first find a very large playing field where you will see many families enjoying picnics and ball games, you will see the playground and sand pits for the younger children. You also have the animal world and butterfly house. Other events happening at Moss Bank park are the walled gardens at the rear of the park, model railways which are normally only running on summer months and fair rides again only running in the summer. The Park does extend to football, cricket, chip and put golf, rugby and bowling and quieter areas leading to the rear of the park. The park also has toilets and refresments like ice cream and drinks.

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